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Website & RSVP Builder With Marketing Tools

Create a Beautiful Event Website

Design a customized website in minutes that looks great on every device, giving your guests a branded and pleasant experience.

Add a Digital Program Guide with Speaker Profiles and an Agenda

People are more likely to attend your event when they learn about the program and view speaker bios.

Clicking each photo opens a popup with the optional speaker bio and their social media links.

Customize The RSVP Form

Convert website visitors to guests by improving their registration experience. The RSVP form is integrated into the website, branded, and mobile-friendly.

Event Logo + Header

Control the look and feel of the registration with your brand logo, event title, and details.

Simple RSVP Form

The straightforward registration process allows your guests to quickly enter the required data.

Custom Questions

Collect the data that is relevant to your event. You can add unlimited custom questions (with different response types) to your RSVP form.

Easy Payments

If you are selling tickets, you can accept credit cards through the integrated payment form. And if your event is free, you can still process free ticket orders.

Website Builder

Build a professional event website without a developer or a designer. Simply pick a custom URL, write brief description, and you’re ready to publish.

Easy Content Management

You website components are organized into different sections so you can easily find, click, and start editing content.

Mobile Website Editing

You can also update the basic website details, set the URL, and publish with a few taps on the Diobox iPhone and iPad app.

Smart Marketing & Sharing Tools


All Diobox websites are built with search engine optimization (SEO) to help improve your event discoverability online.


Diobox supports the Open Graph protocol which creates website snippets whenever the event URL is shared on social media or modern communication platforms.

Your Event’s New Identity

Diobox provides a 1-letter domain name (d.io) for creating vanity URLs that are very short, shareable, branded, and easy to remember.








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