Emails & Invitations

Keep Your Guests Engaged With Branded Emails

Create Beautiful Email Invitations

Capture RSVPs, sell tickets, or simply keep your guests engaged.

Emails That
Get Delivered

Our email acceptance rates are above the industry standard. We do a lot on your behalf to keep your emails out of the spam folder.

Adjustable Targeting Options

Target your audience with your own guests lists or use our built-in filters to target different guest segmentations based on their confirmation, ticket, or seating table.

Flexible Emails For Every Event

Marketing for every event is different. So Diobox offers 2 types of customizable email invitations for both public and private events.

Email Only
Learn more
and Track RSVPs
Learn more
Purpose Promote Event and Sell
Tickets for a Public Event
Collect RSVPs for
a Private Event
Shareability Email is
Email is

RSVP Button Optional: (Customizable for
each email invite)
Required: (Diobox generates
unique RSVP links)
RSVP Action Guest fills out a blank form to
order a ticket (free or paid)
Guest selects “Yes” or “No”
(can change answer later)
Custom Questions
Public Events

Emails for Promotion and Ticketing

Highly customizable emails that help you promote your event or sell tickets.

Emails to Sell Tickets

Your email button has a static link to your Diobox website or any ticket. Recipients can place ticket orders by filling out a blank registration form.

Emails for Promotion

Drive traffic to your event website on Diobox or any external ink.

Info Emails

Optionally, remove the RSVP button to send:
- Save The Dates
- Thank You Messages
- Any Event Updates
- Guest Communication

Private Events

Emails for “By Invite Only” Events

RSVPs are private and non-transferrable, helping you gain control over attendance and headcount.

unique link
takes guest to
personalized page

Guest receives an invitation and clicks “RSVP” button

The RSVP button takes your guests to a private and personal registration form.

Guest Accepts or Declines

Your guests no longer have to enter their details because each invitation already includes their contact info.

Why It Matters?

Invitations and RSVPs are Together at Last!

for Guests

1. Guest RSVPs with 2 clicks and there are no more forms to fill out.

2. Encourages guests to respond, even if it’s a “Decline.”

Benefits for
Event Organizers

1. For private events, your guests will not be able to forward the email, because each invite can only used to register that guest.

2. You no longer have to use an email marketing software for sending invitations and another system to track RSVPs.

Automatic Guest Confirmations

After your guest registers for an event, they receive an automated email confirmation with all the relevant details.

The Diobox Invitation Builder in 4 Easy Steps

The entire process of designing an email and
setting up an RSVP page takes a few clicks.


Select Recipients


Design Email


Build RSVP Form


Review and Send

Managing Your Invitation After It Is Sent

Diobox gives you the data you need to better understand the performance of your invites, so you can grow your events.

View All Email & Invitation Data In One Place

Keep tabs on all your emails and invites with real-time statistics, including your event’s open rate and click rate.

Track RSVPs with Questionnaires

RSVP Reports provide you with a clear breakdown of all guest responses or any custom questions you ask them.

Get To Know Your Guests

With both Email Reports and RSVP Reports, you can learn more about the behavior of your guests and discover which type of email engages them. Find out who opened or clicked the email (and how many times).

By discovering individual email actions and guest responses, you can identify what’s working or how to improve your communication.

Continue Marking Efforts On-The-Go

The Diobox iOS app puts real-time email and invitation data at your fingertips.

Mobile Email Sending

With the power send mass emails directly from the app, you can truly manage your event from any place and at any time.

Real-Time Mobile Reports

Drill down through your email campaigns and RSVP reports by navigating through lists of guests based on their actions–all on the Diobox iOS app.

Get Diobox Free forever!

Diobox is free on both mobile and web to create events, design a website, sell tickets, check in, and manage your guest lists.