Badges with Smart QR Codes that Track Guests and Improve Attendee Engagement

Your one-stop-shop for badge printing, guest tracking, and creating contactless guest networking opportunities

COVID-clean features enable safe check-in and exchange of virtual business cards for your guests, sponsors, and exhibitors using multi-purpose QR codes.

Print Badges

Upon arrival, name tags will be printed for your guests to pick up, eliminating the stress, delays, and errors of pre-printing badges before the event.

Track Guests

You and your event team can track guest check-ins as they walk in and out of sessions.

Facilitate Guest Networking

The perfect COVID-19 tool for exchanging contactless business cards: Guests can scan each other’s QR codes to swap virtual business cards.

Enable Exhibitor Lead Generation

Sponsors and exhibitors can digitally collect contact information of attendees to generate leads and never miss out on valuable business connections.

Multi-Purpose QR Codes

The same QR code can be used by the event organizer to track the guest and by anyone else to capture the guest contact information.

Event Organizer Scans to Check In Guest or Track Sessions

With the Diobox app

Event Exhibitor Scans to Generate Leads

With the Diobox app
or with their own scanner

Other Guests Scan to Exchange Contact Information

With any smartphone camera (no app download required)

Any smartphone camera can scan these QR codes and add the guest contact info to its address book. No app download is necessary – the QR code translates into a standard vCard format.


Save time by automatically printing name tags instantly when guests check in.

Supporting some of the most popular label printers over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and allows multiple devices to connect to the same printer.

On-Demand Printing

Eliminate the burden of exporting your guest names and using traditional badge-printing workflows.

With Diobox badge printing, you can print name badges before the event, on event day, and manage name tags for last-minute registrations or walk-ins. You can also produce extra copies if and when needed.

Design Badges On The Fly

The entire badge-creation and design process takes a few clicks on the Diobox mobile app, without ever needing to use a computer! Since this functionality is part of the app, anyone on your event team can edit them, helping you streamline the production and printing process.

Multiple Templates

Badges contain event-specific information (like Event Name and Ticket Type) and are stored on the account level, so you can design a template once and use it for multiple events.

Interested in a custom badge? Contact us about designing a branded template for your account.

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