Event & Guest List Management

Powerful Guest List Tools That Make You More Capable

Simple and Intuitive Guest Management

Organize, categorize, segment, and search your guests, so you can interact with them in a way that works best for you and your event.

Guest Tagging

Create unlimited event-specific tags and apply them your guests.

Guest Segmentations

Filter guests with our standard segmentations or use your own tags.

Guest Status

Each guest always has a status, so you can see the breakdown of how people have were invited and how many confirmed.

This status is automatically updated whenever a guest RSVPs or purchases a ticket, but you can always change it later.


Specify how many additional guests your guest will bring to the event. Changing this field affects the total headcount, even if you don’t have the names of the plus-ones. On event day, you can check-in plus-ones independently whether they arrive with the main guest or alone.

Seating Assignment

From the guest view, find a listing of all the tables with their vacancy and quickly assign a guest to a seat, or to the waiting list.

Ticket Orders

Diobox lets you create tickets to sell online or at the door.

With our point-of-sale integration, you can process credit cards, cash, and send email receipts on the fly.

Guest Import

Use standard CSV files to import existing contacts and match every column into Diobox guest profiles, with the option to import custom fields.

If your CSV file contains guests already in your event, the import process gives you the option to merge those guests, preventing duplication.

New Guest

Quickly add new guests by just entering their name and email address.


Handle walk-in guests by registering them on-the-fly on the Diobox iOS app.

Past Guests

When typing a new guest name, Diobox automatically searches all events and suggests past guests. This way, you save time by not having to re-enter all the guest info, while creating a guest history.

Guest Profile with Custom Fields

Add unlimited custom fields with specific content types, such as email addresses, phone numbers, dates, and social profiles, or create your own text fields.

Guest History Across Multiple Events

The Scorecard displays all invitations, confirmations, and attendance records in a single place. It also calculates guest “No Shows” and “Total Spend”, indicating all guest contributions throughout your events.

This data helps you learn more about your guests to make better decisions for future invitations.

Enhance Guest Profiles

Turn plain email addresses into rich contacts that are up-to-date with their online profiles. Automatically add photos, names, companies, titles, and social links.

Event Images

Share images, like seating charts and venue photos with everyone on your team.

Team Collaboration

Multiple team members can simultaneously access the same event and perform tasks like sending emails, adding, editing and checking in guests. All data is synced in realtime so all team members can track the overall progress.

Restricted Access

Invite team members with 5 built-in permission levels to limit what they can see and do.

Invite Team Member

Multiple Accounts

Use a single login to access different accounts, allowing you to manage or join multiple teams without overlapping guests or events.

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