Best-in-Class Check-In App

QR Scanning

Use the built-in QR reader on the Diobox iOS app and scan guest invitations in seconds. With multiple options, the QR scanner performs the search and the check-in simultaneously, enabling your door staff to get your guests inside the venue fast.

Fraud-Proofing The Check-In Process

If a QR code is scanned more than once (even at a different station), an intelligent alert prompts you with actions to take.

More Than a Check-In App

With so many practical features built into the app (like plus-ones, multiple check-ins, and event sessions), you can handle the nuances of modern events.

Location-Aware Check-Ins

Event Locations enable you to track check-ins throughout various places. This is helpful if your event has multiple sessions (i.e.: Reception, Screening, After-Party).


Check all guests in quickly and easily. “Plus-ones” can be checked in independently or with their guest, depending upon their arrival. You can even specify the plus-one gender for more detailed analytics.

Multiple Check-Ins

Track multiple arrivals for each guest – useful if you hold a multi-day event and want to retain how often the attendees leave and return.

Check-In Alerts

Setup check-in alerts for individual guests or for an entire guest list. Then, an email notification is automatically sent when any of those guests (or their plus-ones) check-in.

Arrival Mode

When your door staff is checking-in guests, use the Arrival Mode to monitor the guest check-ins in realtime. The list is sorted by the arrival time and each guest is marked with the team member who checked them in.

Perform Bulk Actions

Directly from the app, you can select some or all of the guests and perform actions in bulk, providing complete guest list control on your mobile device.

Guest List Changes

Assign, reassign, and tag multiple guests to multiple guest lists.

Guest Status Changes

Manually change the status of selected guests to Unconfirmed, Confirmed, or Declined.

Email Invitations

Send invites, save the dates, or reminders to everyone in your event with a few taps!

Guest Removals

If guests need to be deleted from the event, you can do that in bulk too!

Your Event’s Mission Control

A bird's-eye view of all your event components


Every event launches into the Dashboard which begins with a checklist of high-level event functions and shortcuts to perform remaining tasks.


Monitor all guests, sales, emails, seating, and website views on one simple page. All analytics are accompanied with live status bars to help you track your event’s progress in realtime.

The Diobox iOS app always works, with or without an internet connection

Always In Sync

Forget the sync button! Diobox uses push notifications to sync all of your event information in realtime. If your device drops offline temporarily, all new check-ins and updates will remain in queue and will automatically sync as soon as your device is reconnected.

Offline Mode

No Internet connection available on event day? Don’t worry, the Diobox Offline Mode enables you to download all event and guest data, so you can use Diobox anytime and anywhere.

Protect the Privacy of Your Guests

Diobox offers different team permissions to give you control over access. Use the special “Door Staff” setting to hide your guest phone numbers and email addresses, helping you keep the personal data of your guests private.

Get Diobox Free forever!

Diobox is free on both mobile and web to create events, design a website, sell tickets, check in, and manage your guest lists.