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Choose a plan that fits your business.



For personal, small work events or for selling tickets and checking in guests




For publishing an event agenda and sending invitation emails to promote the event




For collecting RSVPs at private, invite-only events with access to all Diobox features




For large events and conferences requiring a custom white-labeled solution


Ticketing Fees

Diobox connects to your Stripe account to process payments for selling tickets on your event website or taking credit cards on the Diobox iOS app.


$0 per ticket

Diobox is 100% free for free tickets

The ticketing module can be used with any of Diobox plans, including the free plan, which will allow unlimited guests to process tickets and register for your event.

Included in all Diobox plans

(even the free plan)

  • Linking Guests to Multiple Events
  • Import and Export CSVs
  • Fully Customizable Fields
  • CRM with Guest History
  • Multiple Check-Ins
  • Location-Aware Check-Ins
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Live Analytics
  • Offline Mode
  • High-Performance Infrastructure
  • 256-bit AES and SSL Encryption
  • Realtime Sync with Push Notifications
  • Single Login with Access to Multiple Accounts

Why Diobox?

Diobox is about simplifying the convoluted process of hosting and managing events. It's much more than just offering features–it's about solving a complex problem with a beautiful and functional design.

Focus on your event without worrying about the technology

Diobox was designed with a simple, yet intuitive user interface, so that anyone can organize an event–not just the pros or the tech geeks!

Save Time and Money

By using a single cohesive platform instead of multiple disjointed products, you save time, money and the headache.

Enhance Event Experience

Instead of sending duplicative invitations to guests, you can target the right segment with the right messaging, which reduces unnecessary email correspondence.

No More Spreadsheets!

Spreadsheets can only represent a snapshot of the invitees at one event. They are not made for collaboration, they are not easy to use and most importantly spreadsheets are for numbers, not people!