Ticketing & Payments

Sell Tickets Anywhere. On Our Site, On Your Site, Or At The Door!

Sell Tickets On Our Platform

Build and publish a custom event website on d.io and list your tickets.

Our ticketing platform provides your guests a simple ordering process, which boosts your bottom line.

Sell Tickets On Your Own Website

If you already have a website, you can integrate the ticketing and RSVP process into your own event page. By embedding a small snippet of code, your guests will have a streamlined experience of registering for your event without leaving your site.

Put this on your website

		 					<script type="text/javascript" src="https://d.io/embed/v1" async defer></script>
		 					<dio-button event="event-id">Order Tickets</dio-button>

And get this

Order Tickets

Multiple Ways to Embed or Share a Ticket

Embed the
Tickets Button

If you are listing more that 1 ticket, use this option for the main “Tickets” button. This allows for your guests to see all available public tickets and order any ticket.

Embed a
Specific Ticket

Show a specific ticket on your website. Every ticket (public or private) has its own unique embed code which can be integrated on your website.

Share a
Ticket Link

Every ticket has a short permanent link which you can share externally. With our 1-letter domain name (d.io), your links are already social media ready.

Sell Tickets at the Door with Point of Sale Integration

The Diobox iOS app turns your iPhone or iPad into a Point of Sale (POS) station. Process credit cards, accept cash or check payments, and send email receipts on-site in realtime.

Accept Credit Cards & Cash

Process live credit cards through our payment integration. You can also accept cash, check, and other payment records, making this a fully integrated POS system.

Credit Card Scanner

The card scanner turns your iPhone or iPad camera into a fast input device, allowing you to transcribe the card number and the expiration date in seconds.

Multiple Tickets Per Guest

Tapping the guest profile shows a breakdown of all the ticket orders belonging to that guest. After a new ticket order is placed, it will get added to the list while the total event spend is updated.

An Intelligent Ticketing Dashboard

From ticket creation to marketing to sale, Diobox provides simple, yet powerful tools to help you at every aspect of the ticket lifecycle.

Private Tickets to
Hide from the List

Automatic Termination of Sale Based on Date/Time

Short Ticket Links
to Share Externally

Guest Questionnaires
for Data Collection

Flexible Prices
After Ticket Starts Selling

Customizable Email Notifications

Control Your Money

Diobox doesn’t hold on to your ticket sales. In fact, we won’t even have access to it. By connecting your Stripe account, all proceeds are transferred to your account at the time of payment, and usually deposited to your bank within 2 days.

Payment Gateway

Connect your Stripe account to Diobox. Any purchase made on DIobox will also be available on Stripe’s dashboard. Stripe is the new standard in online payments – create your free account.

Get Paid In 2 Days

We don’t withhold your funds. All proceeds will be posted to your Stripe account instantly and transferred to your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis.

Multiple Currencies

Diobox currently supports 10 currencies. See Stripe’s Currency Page for more info.

  • AUD - Australian Dollar (A$)
  • CAD - Canadian Dollar (C$)
  • CHF - Swiss Franc (CHF)
  • EUR - Euro (€)
  • GBP - British Pound (£)
  • HKD - Hong Kong Dollar (HK$)
  • ILS - Israeli New Sheqel (₪)
  • MXN - Mexican Peso (MEX$)
  • NZD - New Zealand Dollar (NZ$)
  • USD - United States Dollar (US$)

Get Diobox Free forever!

Diobox is free on both mobile and web to create events, design a website, sell tickets, check in, and manage your guest lists.