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Guest Lists

Manage Your Guest Lists and Track Guest History

Diobox provides everything you need to efficiently manage your guests and their plus-ones.

Import existing guest records and retain all custom contact information. Then categorize your guests based on their confirmation or seating status. To further segment your guests, create additional lists and tag them to your guests.

Use the Diobox built-in CRM module to keep track of guest preferences, travel plans, and other activities to personalize their event interactions.

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Best-in-Class Check-In App

Check-In with
Real-Time Sync

On event day, the Diobox iPhone and iPad app allows you to browse, search or scan invitation QR codes for instant check-in. You’ll be able to check-in each guest (or their plus-ones) multiple times and track their location. For select guests, you can also set alerts so that your team is notified upon the arrival of those guests.

All of your devices are synced in real-time. But even if you lose your internet connection, you can continue to use the app through Offline Mode. And as soon your device is reconnected, new information will be synced instantly. All of this happens without any input from you and without a sync button!

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Website Builder

Publish Your Event Website With a 1-Letter Domain Name

Build a customized website and include an integrated program guide with speaker profiles and an event agenda. If you’re selling tickets, you can personalize your RSVP form and add custom registration questions. This creates a branded and pleasant experience for your guests which looks great on every device.

After publishing your website, increase your event attendance with smart marketing and sharing tools.

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Ticketing & Payments

Sell Tickets Anywhere. On Our Site, On Your
Site, Or At The Door!

Use our platform to sell tickets or integrate tickets (and the entire RSVP process) on your own website by embedding a small snippet of code. And on event day, your iPhone or iPad turns into a Point of Sale stand to accept credit cards, checks and cash.

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Emails & Invitations

Send Branded Emails For “By Invite Only” Events

Diobox has a special email invitation feature built for private events. By generating unique non-transferrable emails, you gain control over attendance. Also, the easy to use registration process (with optional questionnaires), encourages your guests to RSVP with 1-click confirmations.

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Tables & Seating

Create Seating Charts and Share Them With Your Stakeholders

Build custom seating diagrams fast and share them with your clients. Then on event day, see a breakdown of vacant seats based on guest arrivals. That way, if someone with an assigned seat doesn’t show up, you can swap seats quickly.

With advanced features like, waiting lists, seat blocking, and plus-one seating, you can manage complex event seating on-the-go with a few taps on your iPhone or iPad.

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Badge Printing

Produce COVID-clean name badges for guest networking & tracking

Manage the complete badge production process from start to finish with branded templates and multi-purpose QR codes that grow networking opportunities for your sponsors/exhibitors and improve attendee engagement.

This proprietary QR code system can be used by both the event organizer to track the guest and by any other party to facilitate the exchange of virtual business cards.

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Get Diobox Free forever!

Diobox is free on both mobile and web to create events, design a website, sell tickets, check in, and manage your guest lists.

How is Diobox Different?

Traditional Event Management Software

  • Requires use of multiple products
  • Cannot build meaningful guest relationships
  • Poor user interface and user experience
  • Costly

Diobox All-In-One Event Platform

  • Holistic solution includes every core functionality
  • An intelligent CRM that tracks your guest history
  • Modern UI/UX on both web and mobile apps
  • Boosts your bottom line